welcome to Larissa’s kitchen…

a happy foodie! photo credit to Jessica Christie Photography
a happy foodie!
photo credit to Jessica Christie Photography

I am excited to be finally sharing my journey with you, this has been a long time coming! Welcome to my happy blog! I will be sharing many, many thoughts with you on how I find balance in my wonderfully eventful life! My long term dream is to empower you to feel energised, healthy & comfortable, in order to chase your dreams & happiness – by being your Guinea Pig!

I will also be sharing some great original recipes of mine, some nice & some very naughty, & all well received by my eager test team of family & friends!

I have been sitting on this idea for about a year now! I am definitely a believer in doing instead of waiting, however I knew that this project deserved more time, thought, research & love before I was ready to send it out into the World Wide Web. I had a whole page of potential blog names written down, many were great, none were perfect. I attempted to share my ideas with my wonderfully creative step-son, Ash, knowing he’d have some great insight. He stopped me straight away & said “happy foodie, call it happy foodie”. Seriously, this kid is a genius!


I have always been a passionate foodie. Growing up, my three sisters & I were all – always – very selfish with our food. Well, with the good food! My Mum was a fantastic cook, she could make just about anything, but her specialty was authentic Malaysian Curries! My Dad is a great cook too, I remember his Friday arvo Rock Cakes vividly! Friday nights were always BBQ night, & much of my happiest childhood memories are of BBQ nights! Even now, preparing a BBQ for friends on a Friday night fills me with so much love & excitement, & such a feeling of familiar contentment.

My sisters & I were encouraged to cook for our family from a young age. We definitely fought over this chore – we all wanted to cook! As adults we have all kept this passion, swapping recipes & ideas, & indulging in some of the most amazing foods together. Even now as I sit here writing I received a text message from my eldest sister with a photo of her dinner (thanks Bec!). Cooking is such a therapeutic hobby for me, & cooking a meal just feels like home.


Because I love food so much, I have always been mindful of what I choose to eat & how I nourish my body. Though 10 years ago, I thought healthy foods were measured by calories, & I never took much interest in the ingredients list. Today I am aware that “healthy” foods are measured by a variety of whole ingredients, & the absence of chemicals & numbers. I rarely purchase any packaged food without first reading the ingredients, & yes it does sometimes take a lot of picking up & putting back before settling on the best choice for me!

At 19 I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease that is directly affected by what I eat. It took many years of trial & error to figure out what was now on my ‘probably should miss’ or ‘get that the hell away from me’ lists! Even now, I am still discovering new foods to add to these lists (goodbye Goat!). This diagnosis, & my reluctance to become reliant on heavy pharmaceuticals, guided me to research healthy, healing foods.

The more I researched, the more I felt I had found my true calling. Everything started making sense; I could read & talk about nutrition for years!! I started to think about how illnesses were treated & prevented many thousands of years ago – with foods, with plants, with rest & recovery time, with “home-remedies”. Today we are so reliant on over the counter products that mimic all these natural solutions!

Jamie Oliver - an amazing role model, educating students on proper nutrition
Jamie Oliver – an amazing role model, educating students on proper nutrition

So that leads me to now… I have enrolled in a Uni course, which is very exciting for me! I will be completing a Bachelor of Science over the next six years, majoring in Health & Nutrition. I figure since I am already doing the research, I might as well do something with it! I have two big goals once I have earned my degree. After eagerly gaining real-world experience, I will open my own Nutrition Practice to offer real advice to people who desire to change their life, by changing their nutrition. My other goal is to work with local Middle & High Schools to supply students with valuable nutritional information. I believe students have the potential to perform at such higher levels, if only they had the energy they needed to tackle their big assignments, if only they could concentrate for more than 30 minutes to complete a project. How amazing would it be to provide them the know-how to reach their full potential & perform at peak for that three hour maths exam? That will be such a rewarding movement!


So that is me, in a nutshell! I’m so looking forward to sharing so much more with you, this is just the beginning of this grand adventure! Remember to sign up to receive future posts & great recipes!


2 thoughts on “welcome to Larissa’s kitchen…

  1. Hi Larissa, Congrats on your first ever blog post and on your beautiful blog! I can’t wait to see/read more from you, and I am particularly excited about your second last paragraph… It’s fantastic to see someone so interested in advising students/people at a younger age – if I knew what I know now about health, nutrition and fitness before moving out of home then I wouldn’t have been on the roller coaster ride that I have gone through. Thanks for sharing and best of luck 🙂 xx

    • Thank you for your kind support Brooke 🙂

      I agree, I treated my stomach like a garbage can for a few years & never attributed my diet to my poor health – ah, the innocence if youth!!

      I look forward to sharing much more with you!

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