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I am Larissa. I am a 29 year old food lover living in sunny Darwin. I love the laid back, relaxed environment we live in. I love the beautiful, unspoiled beaches, I love that everything is green.

I believe that the “western way” of choosing quick fixes when it comes to our physical & mental health, has created a dependence on pharmaceuticals rather than looking at the cause & prevention of illnesses, exhaustion & other uncomfortable ailments.

I believe in using foods for health, not pills or powders that mimic the necessary nutrients my body needs to perform at peak. I believe in meditation & daydreaming for a calm, clear mind! I will begin studying Health Science & Nutrition in June 2014 & I am so excited to share my journey with you!!


I am a foodie…

I love food, for as long as I can remember I have. I love cooking & creating food, I love eating, I love socialising with food.

To me food represents love. Whether we are providing our family with their daily nutrition, thoughtfully cooking soup for a sick friend, or celebrating a special occasion with an indulgent homemade cake, it comes from a place of love. Food brings a family together at the end of each day, I know nothing else that holds that power!

At 19 I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease that effects my digestion & restricts the foods that I can eat. That was a huge blow to someone who loves food with as much desire as I do! This diagnosis was of course a blessing in disguise, as it led me to my true life passion – studying healthy, healing foods & creating great tasting, nourishing recipes that heal the mind, body & soul!

I am a Jones…

I am proudly a Jones. The big Jones family are the most relaxed, honest, down to earth, earnest people I have ever encountered. Without a doubt, my love of food comes from the Joneses!  I just arrived home from a quick family visit, knowing I am on the right track. There is nothing like family to remind me who I am & who I can be!

I am a Probert…

I have been welcomed into a very lovely family, & because of that I am also proudly a Probert! My beautiful partner Danny is the most supportive man I have ever stumbled across. When my belief in myself starts to waiver, I know his belief in me will always bring me back.

I despise the term “step mum”, but it has a much nicer ring than “Dad’s girlfriend” 🙂  Danny’s beautiful children have taught me more about life, love & patience than I ever knew possible. They are two unique & assertive people. They know who they are, what they believe, & will not be swayed in this. I am forever grateful to be a member of this family, to be accepted, welcome & loved.

I am active…

Because of my great love of food, I have formed a great relationship with exercise! I love to be active at least 5 days a week. I know 5 is the magic number that keeps me well-balanced, energised, and happy, & at a weight I am comfortable with. I also love using sneaky exercise as a social activity! Catching up with girlfriends for an early morning walk or paddle boarding with family & friends – keeping it fun!


I believe in sharing thoughts, ideas & knowledge.  I know that by doing so I will learn so much more about myself, about you & about the world around us!



5 thoughts on “about Larissa – the happy foodie

  1. Hello Larissa!

    I agree with what you wrote in your “About” section. That is awesome that you will be studying nutrition in June! I have been studying nutrition for 5 years at university, and I graduate this spring! It is a fascinating topic, and I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. So glad I found your blog!


    • Thanks Julie 🙂 I am enjoying studying & love learning about food! I am actually taking 6 months off uni to complete a Food & Wellness Coaching Course so I can begin my journey in coaching sooner 🙂

      What uni are you studying at Julie?

      • Thats great! I am studying at Framingham State University. They have an amazing program! My favorite part of school was food lab. So much fun experimenting with baking and cooking. 🙂

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